Local Authority Kulim Hi-Tech Industrial Park (PBT TPHTK) was officially established on 1 April 1995 under Section 7, Local Government Act 1976. The area of administration is approximately 3578.08 acres. The state government of Kedah through the Council meeting has agreed to expand the area of administration by 1305.08 acres. The state government has also agreed to give the power to PKNK to observe and manage the administration of PBT TPHTK. The power to administer will be renewed every 5 years starting on the 1 April 1995- 1 April 200- 31 March 2005, 1 April 2005-31 December 2005 until 1 January 2006. On that particular year, it was gazetted under Section 3, Local Government Act as with other PBTs.